The International Defense Exhibition, IDEX, and its naval version, NAVDEX, are considered the most significant tri-service defense exhibitions in the world. This year, the 16th edition of the exhibition was held with 65 countries and 1,350 companies exhibiting, including eight new nations. The diversity of the newest technologies that were displayed and the important number of companies present in the exhibition made it an unparalleled opportunity to explore innovative advancements in various fields of defense, all in one place.
Sanford Federal was among the companies that stood out in forging valuable connections and deals during the exhibitions, solidifying its position as a trusted partner for defense companies worldwide, and expanding its strategic collaborations with expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Joining the elite gathering of global defense industry leaders at IDEX and NAVDEX, Sanford Federal also witnessed the extensive air, land and sea displays that highlighted the approaches adopted by various companies to modernize military mobility, and aimed to meet the evolving requirements of global defense and government clients. The shared enthusiasm and dedication of the attendees to make positive new business ventures and expand the market share in the industry, drove the CEO of Sanford Federal, Mr. Joseph Mandour, along with business development executives, to exchange knowledge with a remarkable range of companies. This knowledge, gathered from years of experience in the defense sector, enabled Sanford Federal to close deals and become the bridge that supports world nations' security missions.
In addition to the impressive organizational capabilities that have contributed to the success of the exhibitions, it is worth noting that IDEX focused on enabling success for small and new companies, too. The launch of the IDEX Next_Gen Program, a platform dedicated to startups, was a core part of the exhibition. This program provided small businesses with an opportunity to pitch their innovative products and accelerate their growth by placing their brand in front of over 130,000 professionals. Witnessing The United Arab Emirates' commitment to promoting innovation and supporting the growth of emerging companies has been particularly noteworthy. It is also encouraging to see that these exhibitions are no longer solely focused on benefiting the giants of the industry.
Exhibitions like IDEX and NAVDEX are of the utmost importance to growing businesses like Sanford Federal. They provide an opportunity for companies to showcase their products, forge important partnerships, and expand their business. Finally, the professional organization of the UAE in hosting one of the biggest defense events in the world was impressive. The seamless and smooth flow of events, and the high level of security, all contributed to making the exhibition a success.